Terms & Conditions

‘we’, ’ours’ and ‘us’: Giant Balloons

'you' and ‘your’: customer who purchases goods under these terms and conditions.

‘working day’: every calendar day apart from weekends and statutory public holidays.


This website is provided free of charge for your personal use, subject to these terms and conditions. By using this website you agree to these terms and conditions. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to email us.


Orders and Payments

Orders can be placed through several different payment methods. You can pay online with credit or debit cards (this is secured by Payment Sense which is PCI-DSS compliant) or you can use PayPal to make the purchase. We accept all major credit and debit cards. You can also make payments through telephone; simply call (+44) 0 753 0440 491, which is displayed at the top of our website. A member of staff will go through the payment process directly over the phone with you. A cheque can also be posted to us: Giant Balloons, 2 Sandford Road, Oxford, OX4 4PX; please ensure that the cheque has the correct details including the account name: Giant Balloons. Orders can only be processed and dispatched once payments are received. For larger orders or trade orders, the method of bank transfer would be most preferable. In which case, a member of staff will email you an invoice with our bank details. To make an initial query please email sales@giantballoons.co.uk. All aforementioned payment methods take place in a highly secure process and protect your financial details. None of your personal financial details are disclosed to us or any third party.


When an order is placed, an electronic confirmation is sent to you, acknowledging that we have received your order and confirming that the order will be processed shortly. This email would consist of the contents of your order, as well as your billing and shipping addresses. A second email will confirm that we have dispatched the order to the given shipping address,  which may also contain relevant tracking numbers. Please carefully ensure that all details that you provided are correct; you are liable if any aspects of the order are incorrect.

If you cancel your order before delivery, you will not be charged the delivery price and from the total payments deposited back to you, our payment processor subtracts a £0.50 refund fee and 1.5% which is the transaction charge. This will be deducted from the total refund. 



We dispatch orders to both UK and international addresses. We arrange delivery with the following couriers: Royal Mail, ParcelForce, MyHermes, TNT, UPS and IPostParcels. Our decision to use a particular service depends upon the weight of the item, the necessary deadline and the price of the service.


Royal Mail 2nd Class Normal: this is the most feasible delivery method and can take from 2-5 days to deliver. The specified time is not guaranteed, but it is usually quick.

Royal Mail 1st Class Normal: this is the most feasible delivery method and can take from 1-3 days to deliver. The specified time is not guaranteed, but it is usually quick.

Royal Mail Recorded Signed For: this delivery method costs more, yet, it can take between 1-3 days and the package requires a signature. This can also be tracked through Royal Mail’s ‘Track and Trace’.

Special Next Day by 1pm: a customer will need to email us (hyperlink: sales@giantballoons.co.uk) first, so that we can check whether the delivery service is available.


European and international orders are processed with the following courier service.

Air Mail (Royal Mail): this is specifically for Europe and international orders. This may take between 5-30 days. European orders are likely to arrive quicker than international orders.


International Express Service: though costing slightly more, this service is guaranteed to get your order to you within 2 - 3 days if you live in Europe or USA or 4 - 5 days if you live in the USA. If you require this service and belong to a different country, please email us on sales@giantballoons.co.uk so that we can arrange this service for you.


Free Delivery: all orders over £75 are granted free UK delivery. This service is standard delivery service and expects to take between 2-5 days and thus, if a customer require an urgent or trackable delivery service, we would recommend Royal Mail Recorded Signed For or Special Next Day by 1pm, which incur costs.


The delivery price that is charged to you includes the price of packaging and stationary (e.g.: jiffy-bags) and our delivery handling service, in addition to the cost of the delivery itself. And hence the cost incurred by the courier service is only a substantial part of the cost we charge for delivery.


You will become the owner of the goods you have ordered when they have been delivered to you. Once goods have been delivered to you they will be held at your own risk and we will not be liable for their use, loss or destruction.


It is the responsibility of the customer to provide an address where the goods can be received. If you are absent when the package is posted, it is your responsibility to organise the alternative means of attaining the package, for instance, leaving it with a neighbour or collecting the package from the delivery office.


If, for any reason, we are out of stock in a certain item or items, Giant Balloons will write an email to the customer, presenting alternative options, such as receiving a full or partial refund or a replacement of the inexistent product with a different size or colour. Giant Balloons reserve the right to replace them with an item of similar style, colour and theme at the same price or of greater value. This should be a rare occurrence as we use an inventory system for all our products, and the system should not allow one to purchase an item which is categorically out of stock.


It is our responsibility to dispatch the order while attaining relevant written proof of postage, packaging the order the correct address (given by the customer) and processing the order within the same or next day of receiving payments.


After this stage, it is the responsibility of Royal Mail and Post Office to ensure that the package has been delivered to the correct address, sent in the correct time-frame and unscathed through the delivery process. If you, as the customer, feel that Royal Mail have failed to deliver your package in the correct time-frame, place or in the correct condition then you should consider taking the following steps:

1)    Email us. We will search to see if we have any tracking codes to trace the order and look through the relevant proof of postage to show the address that the order was supposed to be sent to. If the product has been damaged, we will investigate whether this problem occurred before handing the package to Royal Mail.

2)    If our investigation proves fruitless, call Royal Mail directly on 08457 740 740 and notify a complaint. They should investigate the reason and place of the order.

3)    If they fail to absolve the problem then you should fill the P58 form which aims to retain compensation for the lost items. *Note that Recorded Signed For deliveries can incur larger compensation than First Class Normal. To process this, you will need to email us and we will post you all the relevant evidence required to go ahead with the claim.



You have the right to cancel your order within seven days of having received the order. All goods must be returned unopened and unused, in the original packaging within seven days of receiving the order. If this is not the case we cannot make a refund. Balloons which have been inflated will not be accepted.

The costs incurred through returning the item is the responsibility of the customer; please note we are not responsible for returned goods lost or damaged in transit back to us. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain a certificate of posting or insure the goods against loss or damage.

A customer cannot return their order (having inflated it already and asking for a refund) on the mere basis that it does not appeal to their liking, for instance, if a balloon is not as spherical as they expected.

If all the aforementioned details are adhered to then we will make a refund to the customer within 20 days of receipt. However, the refund will subtract a 10% restocking charge, PayPal payment fees and the delivery costs that were incurred in the process of your order.




If you would like to cancel your order before we dispatch it, we will refund you the payments. You should ensure that you cancel the order as soon as possible (within the same day processed) because if you cancel an order after delivery, then post and packing charges will apply too (have a look at our returns policy). If you cancel your order before delivery, you will not be charged the delivery price and from the total payments deposited back to you, our payment processor subtracts a £0.50 refund fee and 1.5% which is the transaction charge. This will be deducted from the total refund.


Giant Balloons are very unlikely to cancel orders and in any case, we will primarily aim to remedy the situation before cancelling it altogether. However, we reserve the right to cancel the order if we have insufficient stock to deliver the goods you have ordered, one or more of the goods you ordered was listed at an incorrect price due to typographical errors or errors in the pricing information received from our partners. If we do cancel your contract we will notify you by e-mail and will return the full payments back to your account as soon as possible but in any event within 30 days of your order. We are not obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment.


Your Safety


Our products are not sold to children. The products that we sell are suitable for children; however, a responsible adult should purchase our items from us. If you are under 18, you may use this website with the consent of an appropriate parent or guardian, but do not disclose any personal information.


Giant balloons are safe to handle as long as they do not come in contact with warm/hot and sharp surfaces. The balloons are not suitable for children under the age of 3. Please make sure that you keep deflated and broken pieces of balloons away from children under the age of eight. Discard broken balloons at once. Adult supervision is required at all times when young children are interacting with giant balloons. Adults should only inflate balloons and ensure that children use them correctly. The smaller giants can be inflated with a hand pump and a larger balloon can be inflated with an electrical pump. Make sure that the giant balloons are kept at a safe distance from your eyes. Do not inflate with your mouth since the burst of a balloon could cause injury. If either yourself or any individuals have latex allergy, please do not handle the balloons.



Ensure that balloons are inflated in the same space in which they are supposed to be kept. For instance, do not try to fit a 4ft round balloon through a 2 and a half foot width door. Ensure that balloons do not have any direct interaction with sharp or hot surfaces. Do not under-inflate or over-inflate excessively as both will result in reducing the balloon’s life-span, however, you may wish to slightly under inflate to ensure that the balloon latex is not too stretched. When inflating, make sure that two individuals are available. One should hold the pump and the other one can measure how far the balloon is rising with accordance to a tape-measure and then closing the balloon with the appropriate closure. All balloons, but especially white, transparent, pink and light blue should be kept away from any light at all times and preferably placed in a black bag as the balloon may tinge into a darker colour. Please remember that balloons are made from natural materials.

Climb in balloons - for customers who purchase climb in balloons. 

Whoever intends to use giant climb in balloons does so at their own discretion and risk. Giant Balloons are not responsible for any individual’s autonomous decision to use a climb-in-balloon. 


Individuals under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden from using this product. Discard all broken pieces of latex immediately to avoid choking hazards. As with all balloons, if you or others around you have a latex allergy, keep the climb-in-balloons away. 


If you feel that you have an insufficient amount of knowledge about how to climb into a balloon, we would advise that you avoid trying until  you are completely confident that you know how to enter and exit the climb-in-balloon safely. Please refer to YouTube videos to see the way in which other individuals have used a climb in balloons. However, please be aware that people climb into balloons in a wide range of ways so do not accept their actions as complete doctrine. 


These are the two most common ways in which people climb in to balloons: 

  • Push one arm through the mouth of the balloon and then your head and further, the other arm - push the balloon down to your waist and ensure it doesn’t catch on your clothing. Once it  reaches your waist, push the balloon straight down to your feet and as quick as possible to avoid any air from escaping. Then navigate around the balloon so that you can push your head back through the neck. 
  • The second method is essentially the same, except, you would put your head in first and then one arm and the other. 



WARNING: never inflate a climb-in-balloon with helium or any other toxic gas. Never use a petrol leaf-blower to inflate a balloon. Make sure that you are inflating your climb-in-balloon with clean air (oxygen), as you will have to breathe within the climb-in-balloon, so you do not want to inhale any toxic gasses. If such a mistake has been made, seek medical emergency immediately. 


Make sure that there is always an individual with you to help you get inside and climb outside the balloon and to further, re-inflate the balloon once you are fully inside the balloon. 


Only one individual can climb in a balloon per time. The balloon cannot withhold more than one individual at a time. 


We cannot guarantee how many times you may use this climb-in-balloon, as this will ultimately depend on how you actually use and handle the balloon, particularly, how you actually climb outside the balloon. Some people burst the balloons in order to escape the balloon. So the amount of times you use the climb-in-balloon will ultimately depend on your decision.  


Make sure you have a flat surface, whether you are climbing in an interior or outdoor space. If necessary, put a flat mat or sheet below the balloon. Ensure you have enough room above and around yourself and the balloon. Further ensure that you have removed all objects or furniture from you, especially those of which are sharp and warm.  


Do not over-inflate the balloon before you climb in - it is recommended that you first inflate the balloon to 4ft or 5ft. You will probably need someone to inflate the balloon a little more once you are inside the balloon as air will gradually escape. This is why you will need an extra pair of hands to help. The maximum diameter of this balloon is 6 feet which is approximately 71 inches. You can inflate to this diameter if you no longer intend to climb into the balloon, but instead fill it with air or helium. Make sure you use a high-powered inflator - an electric leaf-blower is highly recommended but definitely not a petrol leaf blower (toxic fumes are very dangerous). 


With regards to clothing, make sure that you are not wearing anything too baggy as otherwise your clothing may get caught up in the neck of the climb-in-balloon. It is recommended that your clothing is thin and smooth in order to ease the process. 


It is recommended that you do not climb into the balloon in very warm or hot conditions as this will cause humidity and in turn, increase breathing difficulties in the balloon. 


If you incorporate this in a routine that is performed to an audience, ensure that the audience are at a safe distance away from you and the balloon in case it bursts and causes unexpected shock. 


The climb in balloon can be a choking and suffocation hazard, particularly because the air will gradually escape from the balloon as the balloon may deflate and trap you inside. To avoid this, it is recommended that you fill the balloon with enough air at the beginning and again once more if significant amounts of air have been lost. Some people who have performed this stunt have kept knives in their pockets to burst the balloon if they become trapped. But if you decide to do this, you will need to be cautious, ensuring that the knife does not come into contact with the balloon incidentally.  




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Giant Balloons can be contacted by:

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