Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Do you ship internationally?

    We ship to all countries. The usual delivery method is AirMail (Royal Mail) for both European and international destinations. In you require the order immediately, please email us (hyperlink: so that we can arrange an urgent delivery.


  2. How do I pay?

    - Orders can be placed online using this website. Payments made through most credit or debit cards can be made to our website and secured by Payment Sense which is PCI DSS compliant. You can also choose to use PayPal. Both methods are highly secure and do not disclose any personal financial details to us. A PayPal account is not necessary to complete a transaction.

    - Orders can also be also placed over the telephone. Call our order-line 0 7530 440 491 within office hours. This is also secured by Payment Sense.

    - You can send a cheque to us for the necessary payments, addressed to Giant Balloons. Our address: Giant Balloons, 2 Sandford Road, Oxford, OX4 4PX.

    - For large or regular orders (such as those exceeding £200), the common payment method is a bank transfer. Please email us with your query (outlining the shipping/billing addresses and the contents of your required order). You can have a look through our products to view which items (colours, sizes) you prefer. Once we have received your query, a member of staff will provide you with an invoice, including our bank details.

  3. How will I know that you have acknowledged my order?

    As soon as you have created an order and submitted payments, you will receive a confirmation email which will entail the contents of your order and shipping/billing addresses. Once the order has been posted, you will receive a second email to notify the order’s completion. This may also include relevant delivery tracking codes.

  4. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Our team will process the orders within the same or next day, handing your order to our relevant couriers to dispatch.

    The arrival time ultimately depends upon the shipping method you choose: Second Class Normal (UK): this is the most feasible delivery method and can take from 2-5 days to deliver. The specified time is not guaranteed, but it is usually quick. First Class Normal (UK): this is the most feasible delivery method and can take from 1 - 3 days to deliver. The specified time is not guaranteed, but it is usually quick. Recorded Signed For (UK): this delivery method costs more, yet, it may take between 1 - 3 days and the package requires a signature. This can also be tracked through Royal Mail’s Track & Trace. Special Next Day by 1pm (UK) : a customer will need to email us (hyperlink: in order to check whether the delivery service is available.

    Airmail (EUR and international): 5-30 days, European deliveries are usually quicker. This is not guaranteed. If you would like a quicker service, email us. International Express Service If you require your order urgently, please email us (hyperlink:, so that we can arrange this delivery service for you.

  5. How much does delivery cost?

    The delivery price is calculated automatically depending upon the weight of order, the postage and packaging costs as well as the delivery cost (charged by Royal Mail or other couriers). UK orders over £75 are delivered with free delivery (standard service).

  6. Are the giant balloons delivered inflated?

    Giant balloons are delivered as deflated. It is very easy to inflate balloons yourself - simply place an order with an electrical inflator (hyperlink to electrical inflator page) and then follow the instructions.

  7. How do I close the mouth of the giant balloons?

    The 18” balloon is like a standard sized latex balloon so a closure is not necessary unless you wish to deflate reuse the balloon. However, since the mouth of the other balloons ae larger, we supply reusable plastic balloon closures for small giant balloons and disposable balloon ties for larger sized balloons. All orders over £30 are dispatched with free closures. For information regarding the exact nature of these closures: - Small Closure:(hyperlink to Small Closure product page) can be used and reused to close the mouth of 18” and 2ft giant round balloons and 5.5ft long balloons and 2ft heart balloons. These cost £0.30 each. - Medium Closure: (hyperlink to Medium Closure product page)can be used and reused to close the mouth of 3ft giant round and 3ft heart balloons and 8ft long balloons. These cost £0.60 each. - Large Balloon Tie: hyperlink to Large Balloon Tie product page)suitable for 4ft, 5ft and 6ft giant balloons and 4.5ft heart balloons. These are disposable and not reusable and hence, cost £0.15 per tie.

  8. Can I inflate these Giant Balloons with helium? And can I buy helium from you?

    All giant balloons can be inflated with helium, and weighed down with solid weights. We do not supply helium gas. We would encourage clients who are interested in using helium to contact their local party shops as they are likely to have large helium cylinders for rental use. There are three main cylinders which are nationally recognised: N10, N20, N30. Details regarding the capacity, floating period and amount of carried weight of helium balloons are detailed below. You will also find some useful information on the product pages themselves. How many giant balloons can the N10, N20 and N30 cylinders inflate? N10 will inflate: (25 x 2ft), or (6 x 3ft), or (2 ½ x 4ft), or (1 x 5ft). N20 will inflate: (50 x 2ft), or (12 x 3ft), or (5 x 4ft), or (2 x 5ft), or (1 x 6ft) N30 will inflate: (75 x 2ft), or (18 x 3ft), or (8 x 4ft), or (4 x 5ft) or (2 x 6ft) How long do large helium filled balloons stay afloat? 2ft balloons should stay floating for approximately 1 day, may be 1 ½ days. 3ft balloons should stay floating for approximately 2 ½ days, may be 3 days. 4ft balloons should stay floating for approximately 3 ½ days, may be 4 ½ days. 5ft balloons should stay floating for approximately 5 ½ days, may be 6 ½ days. 6ft balloons should stay floating for approximately 6 days, may be 7 days. How much weight can helium balloons carry? Each 2ft when fully inflated with helium should carry 85g of weight. Each 3ft when fully inflated with helium should carry 340g of weight. Each 4ft when fully inflated with helium should carry 850g of weight. Each 5ft when fully inflated with helium should carry 1750g of weight. The above information has been sought from parties who have greater knowledge in helium than we do. So please do some research yourself before following our advice. The following websites may help if you have any further queries: - -

  9. How can I inflate a giant balloon?

    Small giant balloons (18”–3ft) could be inflated through hand-pumps; however, this would take considerably longer than an electrical inflator which would do the job quite quickly. This is definitely necessary for the following giants: 4ft, 5ft and 6ft round balloons, 5.5ft and 8ft giant long balloons, 3ft and 4.5ft heart balloons. We provide this electrical pump directly on our website. Please follow the instructions that are enclosed with each inflator.

  10. Can I set up a trade account with you?

    Yes, we welcome long-term clients to create a trade account with us, click here: hyperlink: Trade Account page

  11. Can I install LED lights into the balloons?

    Yes you can. We do not supply these ourselves.

  12. Do you print on giant balloons?

    We do not print giant balloons ourselves but work with partnering companies that can deliver this service. To make an initial query please email us

  13. Are giant balloons safe?

    Giant balloons are made from 100% latex and are biodegradable. Latex balloons take the same time to biodegrade as an oak leaf. Giant balloons are safe for people to play and decorations alike.They are exactly the same as normal sized balloons. They are not suitable for children under the age of three. Please make sure that you keep deflated and broken pieces of balloons away from children under the age of eight. Discard broken balloons at once. Adult supervision is required at all times when children interact with balloons. Only adults should inflate balloons and responsibly ensure that children use them correctly, keeping them away from very young children. It is safe to only use hand-pump or electrical inflator to inflate the balloons; do not inflate by mouth as this can cause injury. Keep balloons at a safe distance from your eyes. If anyone who is likely to interact with the balloon has latex allergy, please ensure that the giant balloons are not handled by those respective individuals.

  14. Are you giant balloons suitable to climb in?

    Due to simple health and safety reasons we are unable to advise on this matter. Should an individual choose to climb into giant balloons, it is completely at their own risk and discretion.

  15. How do you inflate the balloons with an electrical inflator?

    We sell electrical inflators directly on our website for the inflation of giant sized balloons. Please follow the instructions enclosed with the inflator. When using an electrical inflator, it is safe to have two individuals present where one can measure how far the balloon rises to its defined size and the other who may tightly close the mouth round the valve, ensuring that the high-pressure air enters into the balloon. The balloon should not interact with sharp or heated surfaces both during the inflation and after. It is recommended that the relevant electrical inflator is cooled after 15 minutes of constant use as the pump may overheat. Also, please make sure that for our larger sizes, that you inflate the balloon directly where it is expected to lay. As the giant balloons may fail to fit through the width of an average door.

  16. Can I write comments about the website, products or any other issues?

    Feedback is crucial to our business; we thrive with the knowledge that we can serve our clients with quality giant balloons at competitive prices. If you have any comments then let us know! You can email us. (hyperlink: You can also rate our products and add a review too.